"Excellent service. Quick and efficient. Had all the parts I needed to be back to listening to my iPod again while in my car. Highly recommend you pop in for all your stereo needs!!! A+++"

marissa m.,Los Angeles, CA

"Excellent service and the people are great they're always helpful and extremely nice I had a great experience by going there I recommend you going there for all your audio needs"

Joe B.,Los Angeles, CA

"Elite Audio is The I went there originally in September to get my breathalyzer put in for DIRT CHEAP. This place has the cheapest prices in town HANDS DOWN!!!! The installation took 30 minutes total from drive in to drive out. I went back on Monday 11/16/15 to get my device calibrated and it only took 2 minutes honestly. I will go here and get my windows tented when I get my $$$$$$$$$$$$$ right. I am a reminder and an "coordinator" so it can be a challenge to fix on my car sometimes. But he was very patient and answered every question that I had. Because of that amount of patience and professionalism I will definitely be back and I recommend this place to any female that doesn't know much about cars or what she may want. Everything will be explained to you thoroughly. A female works as an associate so don't worry about some one trying to take advantage of you."

Neasha M.,Los Angeles, CA

"Just got my new Dodge Charger tinted. Elite was very professional. Staff was nice and they delivered what they promised. They were also thorough with how I needed to maintain my film tint. They also used a very good grade. Highly recommend."

Peter S.,Los Angeles, CA

"This place is awesome. Mark and his guy's are good people, they made me feel comfortable. The prices are perfect and the work is better. I would definitely recommend Elite Auto to anyone that needs Tint, Alarm, Stereo, and HID'S. They do it all and quickly also. Call in and make an appointment."

Herc B.,Los Angeles, CA

"These guys are amazing! Great price, fast turnaround and great service. I came in for an audio jack and left with so much more! These are my go-to guys from here on out."

Owen W.,Los Angeles, CA

"These folks are quick and they offer fair deals. They do what they can to make it work for your wallet. Awesome customer service and finished the job in top speed. I was getting my 2005 Toyota Prius head unit swapped out so that I could get Bluetooth and aux capabilities. Recommend!"

Kayla K.,Hollywood, CA

"Elite provided a fast, reasonable and professional solution to replacing my car stereo. I wanted to hear Sirrus Radio and the stereo on my 2002 Mercedes station wagon wasn't able to work. Mark suggested a cost effective solution and within days he installed it and it worked beautifully. When I had a problem (it was all my fault!) he fixed it immediately. Mark stands by his work and I highly recommend Elite Audio to all my friends."

Lynda K.,Palm Springs, CA

"I have a 2005 jeep that has had some electrical problems and my nav and radio stoped working. I was referred here and this was my first time. I got my system off of and they had no problem installing it. fits perfectly and looks great as well as works, un like my old one. they had great customer service and I got my car back sooner then quoted. very friendly and that matters to me. Could not happier. GREAT PRICES as well."

Lauren B.,West Los Angeles, CA

"Amazing - Guy running the place is super nice and tells you exactly what you need. Installed a complete new system in my car super fast, it sounds amazing and was very affordable. Highly recommended."

Nick K.,Los Angeles, CA

"Helpful, patient and attentive! They accommodated my unique and slightly inconvenient situation with kindness and understanding. Thanks Elite!"

Petecia L.,Los Angeles, CA

"I called on a Wednesday afternoon, dropped off my car 45 minutes later, then picked up my car at 4PM and my car's sound system has been elevated to a whole new level. It seriously was everything I could of ever dreamed of and MORE!! Mark even upgraded my speakers no charge and honestly, Mark was the coolest and the easiest going guy. He literally looked at my car and immediately knew how to totally transform the sound. Go to Elite. Go see Mark. It's extremely fast, the service was A+, very affordable, and you will be taken care of. End of story! I seriously cannot wait to go back into my car and drive around."

Frances T.,Danville, CA

"Elite just tinted the windows in two of my cars. A 2014 Mazda 3 S Grand Touring and a 2014 Challenger R/T. They did a killer job. Immaculate work. No bubbles, cuts, wrinkles. Flawless. Went with 20 on the backs and 35 of the driver and passenger side doors per Mark's (the owner) recommendation and he was right. The blend is great.

They used 3M tinting which to my understanding is the preferred film to use. They gave me a great deal on both cars. Knocked off about 20%.

Had each car done in about an hour and a half. Totally satisfied about the work and the price. Looking forward to having a backup camera installed by these guys soon.

I don't know why some other reviewers say they are expensive. I think their prices are great. See for yourself."

Matty P.,Chandler, AZ

"Elite Audio is a great car audio store. I went in this morning with no appointment expecting my car to be there for at least a half day. I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Spyder GTS and I needed to have my stock AMP replaced as it was flooded during a crazy thunderstorm that came through at the end of September. My car had 6 inches of water on the floor and my amp is under the front passenger seat. Needless to say it was fried.

A new stock AMP is $800 but I got one on online for $129. I went to Elite to have it installed and also have my rear speakers checked. Even though I didn't have an appointment, they started working on my car right away and let me know when their 10:45am appointment arrived, they'd have to stop working on my car and would finish it after they finished the appointment job.

Their technicians are so great they got my new AMP installed and fixed my rear speakers in less than 45 minutes, before the appointment even showed up! They guys know what they're doing and they do a FANTASTIC job. Fair, honest, quality workmanship and great ideas when you need to think "outside the box" are just a few of the descriptions I'd use to describe Elite Audio.

If you're looking for a great Car audio, tint and alarm store, look no further than Elite Audio. While I hope I don't need any more repairs on my car's audio system, if I do then there's only one place I'd take my car to, Elite Audio!!!!

One very happy, happy customer !!!!

Robert Gertz
Owner 2003 Mitsubishi Spyder GTS

PS. I had a different local store install new speakers this year in my car (they have rave reviews online which is why I went there). There service wasn't even in the same league as Elite Audio, no comparison whatsoever."

Bobby G.,Los Angeles, CA

"Amazing place!! They are so sweet and get the job done come here for any auto needs :)"

Jill B.,Los Angeles, CA

"I am very satisfied with the service at Elite Audio. They are professional, friendly and reasonably-priced. They are also very accommodating. When I had to go back for additional servicing and told them it might be difficult for me to get there in time due to my work hours, they offers to stay open longer for me. I would definitely go back and recommend them to friends."

Cian M.,Los Angeles, CA

"I couldn't more happy with the service there! Great pricing, very friendly and most important perfect installation of tinted windows. Thumbs up!"

Rebecca B.,Los Angeles, CA

"Very professional, friendly, fast, and affordable! I had a stereo put in but I found out I was missing the main adapter when hey went to install it (I always seem to lose things!). They searched around and found the exact connector I needed and 40 minutes later, I had a new stereo in my truck!!! Highly recommend this place!"

Mike A.,Los Angeles, CA

"I needed to upgrade my stereo and they helped me decide what features I did and didn't need, then gave me a very good price. They ordered all the parts ahead of time so installation was quick. Highly recommended."

Steve C.,Los Angeles, CA

"I'm so happy I found these guys. Great prices for the work. They really went above and beyond to help me out. I had a problem w my pioneer radio. They pulled it out, put in my old radio (for free) and gave me info to get the radio repaired from the manufacturer vs trying to sell me a new one. Once repaired I returned and they reinstalled my radio for cheap. Great guys and service. I would very highly recommend this business for the price there isn't better."

David W.,West Hollywood, CA

"I had something installed in my car and they were very helpful in teaching me how to use it. Very good customer service."

Marissa L.,Austin, TX

"Great work and amazing service! Definitely recommend this spot, Mark and Angeline are very professional and will take care of you to the fullest!"

Dianna C.,Pacoima, Los Angeles, CA

"Absolute the best. I returned bc they were so knowledgeable and fast. They gave me a great deal and I expect to keep returning for my devices. I would recommend making an appointment, it seems I'm not the only one that likes and trusts this place.

It's a bit difficult to park if you need to wait for anything. But look for the black cat in the red and black sign."

Dragon D.,Los Angeles, CA

"I had already bought a radio to replace my old one, but didn't feel comfortable installing it myself so i came here! When I got there I said i don't need an antennae because i just listen to audio is bluetooth on my phone, so they didn't charge me for that. They said the install would be done by end of day, but they were really speedy and finished by 2pm. When i went to pick it up, they installed an antennae at no extra cost, which was awesome! Would recommend."

Ryan P.,Los Angeles, CA

"Came in with no appointment and these guys did an incredible job getting a Amazon-bought stereo installed in about two hours. They kept my old stereo holder to save me money and put in a USB port that isn't full of ugly wires sticking out. Highly recommend."

Matthew L.,Los Angeles, CA

"Going to Elite Audio to get my car windows tinted was a great decision. They did an excellent job and I couldn't be happier. Great customer service as well."

Taylor F.,Loma Linda, CA

"Had an awesome experience with Mark they gave me a great deal walked me through the whole process and were very professional. I got a backup camera installed, new sound system and window tints all in one. I would highly recommend going with Elite."

Nick M.,Santa Clarita, CA

"Best neighbor ever. I live around the corner from this spot. When my 2005 Pontiac Aztek (that's right, the Walter White) needed to ditch the stock radio and get a killer upgrade, Mark and his crew gave me the overhaul. It's appointment only but they got me in earlier than planned. Quick,easy and sounds great for a great price."

Mark T.,Glendale, CA

"Elite installed a fog light kit for my '17 Honda Accord. Mark was awesome! He was not only informative on how the process is done and what he recommended but was also affordable in cost! Things got a little tricky cause the parts are after-market, but Mark was able to make it work! It pays to have someone with true experience do installations on a new car. He had the job done by the end of the day and it looks amazing!!! Bye bye basic plastic covers.. hello LED fog lights!"

jordan r.,Los Angeles, CA

"Outstanding and professional shop. They happened to have a gap available to install a dash cam in my car, and they got it done quickly and cleanly. Really friendly and genuine folks, highly recommended!"

Paul W.,Salt Lake City, UT

"Quality customer service. They were able to get my PA system installed on my tour bus. They worked to give me exactly what I wanted. A few days later I screwed it up. I was expecting a nightmare expense but they took my vehicle back in and fixed my mess-up and didn't charge me. A business who stands by their work is difficult to come by. Mark and Angelyne are the best."

Scott M.,Los Angeles, CA

"I came here to get my windows tinted on my Tacoma truck! The service is amazing and the work came out amazing as well!!
Mark and Angelina are super professional"

Eric A.,Los Angeles, CA

"This place is great. Angeline is efficient and professional... Mark is meticulous with his work and explains everything very thoroughly.
The job was completed on time and beautifully done!
I highly recommend this place"

Mary-Ellen S.,Los Angeles, CA

"This place not only provides excellent service, but makes everyone feel like elite clientele! I would recommend Elite Audio Hollywood to anyone who has car audio needs! They go above and beyond to take care of you! If you want the best, come here!"

Jasmin I.,Costa Mesa, CA

"This is the first time I getting my windows tinted and it was the best descion I ever did. The service was amazing
from the moment you step into the door Angeline & Mark answer all my questions. The tint looks beautiful very good work and to the point I get compliments about the tint. Thank so much.. I'm so happy. I highly recommend this place."

Luz P.,Los Angeles, CA

"Came to Elite Audio to upgrade the sound in my car. While I was there I decided to also tint my windows. They did an immaculate job with the sound and tint! It looks and sounds amazing, I would definitely recommend this place 100%! The techs know what they're talking about and were extremely patient with all the questions I had.
If you're looking for excellent work and customer service go to Elite Audio!!"

Monique R.,Los Angeles, CA

"I was driving by this business and decided to stop in because I needed my truck stereo installed and I'm glad I did!!
Angeline at the front was very helpful in answering my questions and Mark the technician who installed my stereo was 100 percent professional and did an excellent job, very clean, everything worked as it should.
They were upfront about everything and when a surprise came up they contacted me before moving on and we took care of it!
Very reasonable pricing for this kind of work.
You won't be disappointed at all!!
And I love to support local businesses.."

T S.,Central LA, Los Angeles, CA

"Called about getting speakers and radio replaced and ended up going the same day. Not only was the price out of this world reasonable, the service was even better. I had to be at an appointment in two hours and they had me in and out of there in 1.5 hours with no problems. I would 100% recommend this place for all audio needs and I will be returning if I myself need anything done to my truck.
Thanks Elite."

Kayla G.,Central LA, Los Angeles, CA